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Apart from some general stuff what I usually write I would like to say some words about programs with after day and hourly plans what lately opens every day and we do not see any other programs. Yes, programs like this has been around since I remember, but that is not the thing what I want to say. Of course there was and will be admins who will air such programs and things will never change, only when HYIP industry will collapse totally then there will be no such programs, because there will be no HYIP like that.

Plot for them is simply. After one day plans + copy&paste design + copy&paste texts + cheap hosting + few crap monitors = scam. Admin invests in programs like this not more then $50, sometimes even less then that, so if he has invested $50 in making this program then what we can talk about experience and aims of this admin? Of course he want just to get some money out of you and scam you, sometimes they just wait till first deposit and then close program. Some of them are quite smart because of monitors what keeps PAYING because only they get paid admins then can collect as much deposits he can and when investors start to speak in forums then they close HYIP. But plot is always the same, same people with same plans.

All programs like this is total crap and I do not recommend invest a single cent in them, admins who are making scam programs like that should stop being admins in first place. I have read and I know that people around are talking that this industry is not like it was before and programs do not last that long as they did. I see there is two problems with this.

First problem is that many good admins who run really successful programs had already left industry, because mostly they just have some other things/business to do and now there is only few admins with experience who can bring programs to survive more then one circle. Sad, but new admins lack experience and they will never gain it if they will air programs with after one day and hourly plans every day. They just brutally take money away from people and there is no one who profits. Mostly none of them has ever aired program who lasts more then 3 months to know what real investors mean. Only by putting people in profit you can gain trust and people will invest more and more and bigger your program will become. Real money will come only then, but I and You must understand that after one day admin will never understand this.

Secondly there is not that much money around in circulation. By that I mean that world economical crisis hit not just world in general, but any industry in this word, including HYIP industry. This crisis took money straight out of many pockets. Right now average citizen does not have free funds to invest in HYIP, people always will think about what to eat in first place, other things are secondary.

These two things together makes deadly combination that if you will air HYIP, then it will be hard to make it last long. With plans like this programs live few days, mostly till first investor or investors arrive and then they close. Yes, I agree there is some programs like this (not hourly programs, they die as they open) who survive with plans like this little bit longer - yes, there is, but then ROI must be really low and then programs like that can survive.

In the end I just want to say that you must absolutely stay away form programs with hourly plans and away from programs with after one day plans who offer big ROI. Yes, there is some exceptions, but in general it is safer not to invest there, yes, you will earn your profit slower, but at lease you will not lose it all in few minutes.

Thanks for reading and come back later,

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