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Title: GeniusPower First Week - Huge Potential!


Dear members,

WOW! I'm extremely excited! GeniusPower was launched 1 week ago and achieved a lot of popularity and huge success during this time! Over 15,000 investors have already joined the program with over $8M deposited and over $2M withdrawed. Growth rate is totally amazing, and there are many, many new registrations everyday. I spent tens of thousands of dollars for the advertising campaign of GeniusPower and it has an extremely big potential! I want to thank you all for the wonderful support and rest assured, that GeniusPower will become the biggest, hottest and best investment site on the Internet! Please invite all your friends to GeniusPower, post all your instant payment proofs on the forums and advertise GeniusPower in every place that you can! I remind you that you get 3% referral commission for every single deposit that your referral makes from his e-currency account, and therefore, promoting and advertising GeniusPower is extremely worthwhile and you can make a lot of money from the 3% referral commissions! Thank you very much! :)

Best Regards,
Roger Fox
GeniusPower Administrator

Dec-4-2015 12:10:24 PM

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